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Wholesale Hair Extensions is a wholesaler of hair extensions, offering hair extensions at wholesale prices.  We also have wholesale hair extensions, weaves, Hair Extensions New York.  Wholesale Hair Extensions offers wholesale human hair for weaving.

    We offer hair extensions made from only the  finest human hair. Only the the very best  raw virgin hair is chosen and the most expensive processing technique used. The chemicals used for processing are all natural and less harsh, resulting in healthier more beautiful, longer lasting human hair extensions. Each strand is hand picked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction so the hair extensions last longer than any other hair. We offer the finest hair available with the largest selection of textures, colors and lengths in hand tied at Wholesale Hair Extensions. We ship hair extensions wholesale, wholesale hair extensions, weaves, wigs to New York as well as worldwide.

    You will find recommended human hair extension care products and the care and maintenance of your hair extensions at the Hair Replacement Center web site.


    What if my Hair Extension is not like my own hair? Customize it! Use the following guidelines.

    We recommend that you take your Hair Extension to a professional for cutting. Please remember that your Hair Extensions does not grow, so once it's cut, that is the length it will remain. You can cut Hair Extensions either off or while it is in place on your head.

    You can curl your Hair Extension by using hot rollers; conventional rollers or a curling iron may be used. Use caution when using a curling iron as they have intense heat and should not be used too frequently.

    Please allow a professional to perform this service on you.

    Hair Extensions can add highlights to your own hair. Should you wish to match your own hair, please allow a professional to perform this service on you.


    Open the clip on your Hair Extension by holding the top section and gently pulling backwards by placing a finger on each end of the clip

    Locate the area where you want to insert. Using a brush or comb or your fingers, part your hair and lift the section up and pin or clip it out of the way. Slide the clip into place by pressing on both sides - make sure the section is lying flat. When you hear it click, you will know it is secure. Run your fingers across the top to make sure the section is lying flat.

    Now comb your own hair down over the Hair Extension and gently comb to blend hair: See the instructions for adding volume and length.

    We cary the following brands of hair extensions all at a discount: Jose Ebar, Adolfo, Dolly Parton, European Naturals, Eva Gabor, Flawless, Graffiti, Henry Margu, Jon Renau, Look of Love, Louis Ferre, Motown Tress, Noriko, Put On Pieces, Raquel Welch, Ren of Paris, Revlon, TressAllure, New Arrivals, Top Sellers, Hair U Wear and Last Calls. Please call us for your FREE Consultation (800) 931-1000.

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